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Presidential Race 2008

My latest page to help with GOTV efforts is,
It has the most pertinent links to all the online voter registration links for all states.  I think you'll see how it could be a valueable thing to send to a friend or relative that is in the armed services, away at school, out of the country, ore even just unregistered.

More coming soon.

[Television Clips In Here]
Feeling tired from the Primaries?  Try a coffee recipe I created at home to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.  Click this giant link to see the recipe.

Download graphic arts files for Do-it-yourself
Obama '08 promotional projects!

Or for some campaign official downloads goto

  Please get RED on Fridays!

  I didn't think of it, but I support it and dress accordingly.
  My Flikr pictures of my red shirt.
  Please get an image up if you can.

We are no longer taking any online donations via this site.
Thank you for your past support.
Donate to our local effort.
“WNY Delegates for Obama”,
a registered FEC Delegate Committee

  Please make any online donations directly to Barack Obama at
Our local Delegate committee “” was disbanded shortly after the New York State primary
for more information write me at

Presidential Primary 2007-2008

Updated 10/3/2007 6/27/2008
This site is (was initially) developed for the sole purpose of helping you the viewer make a better informed decision on who to vote for as a President of the United States in 2008. I don't think you should take the decision lightly, and I hope these pages make your decision process easier.

My two main purposes here are helping you compare the issues, and making documents available to fellow New Yorkers that will help get them involved in the electorial process.

It should be apparent that I don't hide my personal favoritism for Barack Obama, but I did not let that influence my decision about what to post.  In fact it was the study and development of the references linked below that caused me to select Barack Obama as my best choice for America.

Candidate Analysis

Click “Presidential Race Issues” to study and compare how each candidate thinks, or doesn't about the issues. (all info copied verbatium from their websites) (note: all 2008 potential candidates policy statements remain for reference purposes)

How to get involved in the process

ClickThe Guide to Becoming a Delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Conventionto read a Adobe Acrobat PDF of the Official rules for being a Delegate in New York State for the Democratic Party.

ClickOverview of Becoming a Delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Conventionto see a web slide show highlighting the rules for being a Delegate in New York State for the Democratic Party.

ClickA Fact Sheet about the 2008 Delegate Selection Planto read a one page Adobe Acrobat PDF of the important facts of the delegate selection plan in New York State for the Democratic Party.