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“Pink” performs her “Dear Mr. President” song.
Middle of the video is a hysterical moment of “Straight man / Funny man” (McCane / Palin impersonator)
Keith Olbermann gives a emotional plea to McCain about the horrible acts of race-baiting.
John McCain's true calling...
Barack Obama shows his funny side...
Is McCane not aware of the ability to catch him being so two faced?
Sounds like McCane would never vote for McCane!
She is not the kind of woman I respect.  Does she represent you as a woman?
Oh Sarah...
McCain is sooooo different
Republican Convention lies
Palin the un-vettable
Palin issues
Best F#&king News Team Ever, small towns are real
Meet the Press, Biden on Choice
McCain, maverick or sell-out
Meet the Press, Biden on the Surge
Yes Republicans are SUPREME dicks
Best F#&king News Team Ever, Apparently “Choice” is a word you can't say on TV -- oh you hair splitting bastards
O to the M to the G! How on the mark can you get?
The Daily Show calls the media out on their bullshit.
Very special comment by: The one and only “K.O.” Keith Lancelot Olbermann!
No wonder Republicans can't get a break, they are acting like Rappers!
Ooooh when will we see M.C.McCain raizin' Cane in concert?
Worse than the doubletalk express!
If truth in advertising laws applied to political campaigns McCain would be in jail before we got to vote!
Brian Williams is to be reckoned with.
No really, he can kick your ass!
Although I don't like CNN (clinton news network) this recording shows Barack answering a couple of tough questions.